Perosnal Project
My two motivations for this project were firstly a desire to be different, to design something unrestricted and against the refined identities we're used too. My second motivation of course, was my admiration of Drake.
In the beginning
I wouldn't hesitate to say that most of my design work has been created whilst listening to at least one of Drake's albums, on repeat. Some people see colour when they listen to music, some people can't stop tapping their feet, but being a designer to the heart, I honestly started to see type whilst listening to his music. I imagined it moving and animated and saw this as the perfect opportunity to dip my feet into animation and learn motion design.
Discovery & Inspiration
Learning motion design was a steep curve to say the least, especially the frustrations of not being able to put pen to paper with the images I had in my head however that didn't stop me. I watched tutorials (and asked my husband and friends for a lot of advice) and eventually four months or so later, I was able to establish a process and began to see what I'd imagined breath life. I simplified what I had and learnt to consider how type moved rather than just how it got from A to B and what the still image at both A and B looked like.
Examples of my Pinterest board used for inspiration on this project. My main interest was a mismatch of design work that captured my attention but that also felt like something I would never have considered designing before
Initial Designs (LYric Videos)
I worked on both the official Drake website and the lyric videos at the same time to create a cohesive look and feel. My aim was to not create any boundaries or be forced into a design style, I wanted to break away from my usual design self and break everything I knew. I stretched type so it was unreadable, regularly clashed colours, ignored any kind of grid completely, repeated information unnecessarily and ignored even ignored the site needing to being legible in the beginning. Eventually I had developed a style but it was unlike any of my other work meaning I felt like I had achieved my goal and pushed my comfort zone, leaning more towards a nineties disco brutalist era that never existed.
Initial Designs (Website)
Whilst redesigning the current cards, we continued to take into account both what our partners were doing, (Microsoft To-Do, Microsoft Forms, PowerSchool, FlipGrid...) and what our competitors are doing (Google Classwork, Apple SchoolWork, Canvas...). We quickly saw themes in the information being presented (title length, statuses and theming...) and listened to users of each product to direct our decisions more.
Process & Outcome
Many iterations and self-help design and motion advice videos later, I landed on the animations below, using the text itself to tell a story both through its content and its animation. I ended up creating guidelines along the way, trying to surface each lyric twice, once plain and once more stylistic, playful and perhaps unreadable. I then minimized the colour palette too, since the text moves quickly with the music, adding more colours worked well for still compositions but became dizzying quickly with all the movement.
The Website
For the website, I intended to maintain a similar style and underlying tone to the videos but I did still want this to be functional and the navigation and site layout to be as predictable as possible. For the tour page especially I began designing with a typical calendar and list but wanted to veer away from anything to expected. The end result still feels natural, (it's still a list) but I hope the interaction, style and overall feeling help differentiate it.
In order: homepage for, posters created to use in the "Diplomatic Immunity" video, online merchandise store and selected tour dates.
Personal Reflection
Response from the project has been great so far with it being featured on Behance's Interaction Gallery and the AIGA Member Gallery. Personally I learnt a lot more though, not just in terms of furthering my skill set but in what can be achieved when you put your mind to it, I learnt a new program (After Effects), how the micro-animations matter as much as the big transitions and that there's a lot of fun to be had in trying out new styles and venturing outside your comfort zone. Now I'm just waiting for Drake himself to call and request a collaboration... 🤞