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Art director, creator, designer, optimist
Design obsessed, down to the details
9+ years experience, working with both B2B & B2C companies
Inspired by brutalism & anything concrete
British born creative (soon to be living in NYC)
Small dog owner x2
Published in 3 books
Small business owner (mostly on the weekends)
Proficient in HTML, CSS & Javascript
Former tennis player turned rec. ping-pong player
Design principles
#01 / Design to empower & inspire others
Create something that’s powerful and useful, that serves a purpose to help others. Good design should be reductive and take away from the noise that exists in our day to day.
#02 / If you’re going to do something, give it everything you have
I'm a true believer in that there is no point in a job half done or half thought through, if you're going to do it, do it well.
#03 / Make time & take a step back
Design is often a small piece of the puzzle and we're often deep in the details of our product. Sometimes we just need a little reminder to step back to see the whole puzzle.
#04 / Keep it simple
Hard to forget my first design critique, "Keep It Simple Stupid". It's easy to chase a bespoke design, but there's also value in starting small & providing incremental value where needed.
#05 / Good design should be accessible to everyone
Good design is often associated with luxury or higher ticketed items, & this has always troubled me. Design shouldn't be exclusive to a particular crowd, especially if we can help positively impact society as a whole.