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Sole Individual
Initial ideation & why

The Sole Individual homepage was built in Wordpress using a pre-made template where we quickly identified areas we could build upon and improve. The current experience had multiple traps and the site was in dire need of its own identity and an experience that felt personal and unique to SNDVL. A few of the items we wanted to address were:

- The primary navigation is repeated
- SNDVL is an affiliate market & so the shopping basket isn't functional
- Sneakers aren't listed in any order
- The sort by dropdown isn't functional
- The first row of products falls below the fold line due to padding and ads
- Product columns aren't aligned
- Product images are cropped and don't show to full shoe or product
- Product images also aren't a consistent style or position (view), making it hard to browse quickly
- The footer is nearly 40% of the page
- The ads break the flow of content and distract customers
- The right column currently repeats the product list information
- The website isn't responsive
- Search doesn't work and is repeated twice in the header
- Currently no way to filter products
- A general need for branding across the entire site

Their site as it existed at the time
walking the client through the design process

I sat down with the owner behind Sole Individual early on to get a sense of the direction they saw their brand heading and to understand their need for the redesign. Then working with what I had learnt and knew of the brand, their customer base, the sneaker industry, their personal design tastes and their competitors, I developed different sets of moodboards to highlight the aesthetic, colour palette and the directions we could take.

Example direction #1
Example direction #2


Instead of hiding away the number of sneakers & Brands they sold, we surfaced it up front, saying it loud and proud


Air Jordan 1, Air Jordan 2, Air Jordan 3, Air Jordan 4, Air Jordan 5... Air Jordan Future XXX

When I first saw the list of sneakers and how often Yeezy and Air Jordans was repeated, my gut reaction was to give this structure, to collapse brands under their parent and clean it up. The client pushed back on this, arguing it was why their customers came to them, because they offered it all and I began to see an opportunity to run with this. Sneaker culture is heavily reliant on the weight brand names hold and customers quickly judge a sneaker store by the sheer amount of their inventory, let's let everyone know what SNDVL has and set them apart from their customers.

Early design iterations
The middle option was the direction the client choose, at the time this was not my favourite and I was concerned at how I was going to be able to develop it. At the end of the day, the client knows best and I think this was the right call and most unique direction at the time.


Scaling our UI and education focused design system

From our initial discussions, through moodboards, design ideation, iterations and development, we had set ourselves an aggressive deadline and completed all the designs in four weeks. It took me another six weeks to implement this (2 weeks of that was me figuring out how to use their real data and create a local host site for me to develop against without impacting the live site).

A live recording of my first pass at the coded site
A first pass at a fully coded site with which we continued to iterate further on from both a design and development view point.


Continued development

Since the launch, feedback from customers was positive and the brand made an impression within the sneaker industry. They saw an increase in visits to the site as well as an increase of SNDVL merchandise being purchased through their other online store. I continued to work closely with the brand to further develop and align their other sites as well as fixing and updating bugs on the current site.

Mobile was the most challenging here and in hind sight, should have been a focus from the start given the increase in customers purchasing from their hand held devices. I  took for granted the responsiveness of the prebuilt template, assuming it'd adjust to other devices better than what it did. As a result, I iterated for a while on the development of the mobile page to have it reach the same quality customers found on desktop, not wanting to let either the customer or their followers down and eventually, we reached a parity we were all satisfied with.

To view more of the assets and ads I created alongside the site, check out the project on my Behance page.

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A new identity for the Sole individual brand
SNDVL are dedicated to showcasing the latest news and releases in the sneaker industry, amassing a substantial social following across multiple platforms and looking to bring a new life to their e-commerce store.
with SNDVL*/
Product details and checking out with an affiliate marketplace
The site was created like a typical marketplace, however customers would be redirected to purchase elsewhere. Our primary job here was to make SNDVL the place buyers remembered and came back to, to hear the latest on the newest drops.
Product details and checking out with an affiliate marketplace
The site was created like a typical marketplace, however customers would be redirected to purchase elsewhere. Our primary job here was to make SNDVL the place buyers remembered and came back to, to hear the latest on the newest drops.
In need of a new aesthetic and experience overhaul.
Working with the client, we quickly identified the traps the current site created for customers and brainstormed a new identity for the company, rooted in the sneaker industry and its core values.
Expanding the brand & its product offerings
SNDVL aimed to be the go-to place for anything and everything sneaker related, buyers wanted to know when and how to grab the next pair, but also the background story of a release, the inspiration behind the materials and what others' impressions were.


A new identity for the Sole individual brand

Paving the way for a new sneaker brand in an already saturated retail market

As a result of their dedication to the industry and their appreciation for style, SNDVL has captured the hearts of many sneaker fans who constantly interact with them through their social media. The sneaker market has rapidly become saturated and grown immensely with new brands surfacing regularly, all promoting the newest drop and the latest trends. I worked with SNDVL to update their look and online presence to align with the market, and showcase the luxury street cult sneaker brands that have taken over the fashion industry.
Product goals //
Create a digital identity that stands out from the market & is memorable to customers
Evaluate & streamline the current experience with minimal impact to engineering costs
Establish a brand that will scale across platforms and assets that can be reused by the client


This project was a first for me since I took on both the front-end engineering and the design roles. The client had a small budget and found it difficult to find engineers within their reach, and I was looking to test and sharpen my coding skills. I agreed to take on the development, with the understanding that the client may still need to hire someone farther down the line to smooth out any code I wrote. My concern whilst designing was my own limitations and ability to code, forcing my designs to adjust and having to find a balance between what's aesthetically pleasing but also simple to build. Understanding how what we design is built has been valuable too, it was easy to dismiss an idea because it seems hard or impossible to achieve. Overtime I grew to appreciate the online community and willingness of others to help, and that iterating on how something is built is just as important as iterating on the designs themselves.
This project was a challenge but gave me confidence in my abilities outside of design. It was also a lesson in the importance of understanding a client's business and future goals before digging in. A few months after we'd finalised the site, it was taken down as the client pivoted their business, stepping out of the sneaker world to sell their own clothing brand. Whilst it was disappointing to have something I'd been dedicated too for several months disappear overnight, the designs were still a step outside of my day-to-day role (at Microsoft) and helped re-energise a different side of my creativity that had felt missing for sometime.
What we launched & how we did it ** //
Initial ideation & why

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