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Currently leading product design for the items and merchandising teams at Square, where I’m passionate about solving both our customers' and business needs through clean, well-crafted and accessible design. Recently I’ve also been learning more about the principles behind blockchain and how design can better support the foundations being built there. Continue scrolling to learn more and please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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Design to empower and inspire others

Create something that’s powerful and useful, that serves a purpose to help others complete their day-to-day work. Good design should be reductive and take away from the noise that exists elsewhere, making our customers work easier and more manageable than it was previously.

If you’re going to do something, give it everything you have

I'm a true believer in that there is no point in a job half done or half thought through, if you're going to do it, do it well. As this relates to product design, this includes working with the team to ensure we're able to implement designs and maintain a level of design excellence throughout, making sure that the end result is helpful & impactful to our customers.

Make time & remember to take a step back

As designers we're often deep in the details & the weeds of our product area, making it easier to overlook the bigger picture. I find it helpful to remind myself that what we’re working on is often a small piece of the puzzle and that what we're working on needs to exist and work well within the larger ecosystem.

Keep it simple

Something that's stuck with me since my first critique back in college! It's easy to get carried away and chase a bespoke design, but often that doesn't scale or is harder to implement. I think my design has benefited from having a vision, but starting small & iterating from there to provide incremental value.

Design is for everyone and should be accessible to all

The idea that good or high-end design should only be available to a select few troubles me. Good design shouldn't feel exclusive to a particular crowd and in general, I think good design can benefit society as a whole. I try to be as inclusive as possible in my work, ensure our designs are accessible and strive for a polished finish no matter who our customers are.
About me:

Product designer with over 
8 years of experience

Currently leading design for the items and merchandising team at Square. In addition to design , I’ve also been heavily involved with research (understanding our customers and the jobs to be done), and collaborating with cross-functional teams to document, analyse and ship products at scale.
About me:

Currently trying to learn Javascript

Building on my HTML and CSS knowledge further by attempting to better understand Javascript, and starting small by creating modules such as this one. Unrelated to coding, but I’m also learning to jumprope again as an alternate workout.
About me:

Small business owner on the weekends

About me:

Fascinated by, and currently researching the world of NFTs

I started a personal project in 2021, exploring the possibilities of NFTs and building on the capabilities of the marketplaces that exist today. This has been heavily researched focused to start, but I’ll begin to share more as the product develops. Stay tuned!
About me:

British born coffee drinker currently living in Atlanta

I moved to America in 2009 to pursue a college tennis scholarship. Since then, I’ve lived in Missouri, Georgia, Washington (and then Georgia again), visited nearly 30 states and sipped on countless espressos.
About me:

Inspired by brutalism

No matter the medium I admire the strength, courage and matter-of-fact principles that brutalism encapsulates. Brutalism encourages the use of raw and simple materials, in addition to bold and exaggerated shapes to impose power and solidify a presence. Design isn’t too different, our work should be able to stand and function without decoration (an abundance of colour for example) and shapes help impose on the experience to guide customers end to end.
About me:

My introduction to design was through Neopets

Like many, I started designing and learning the very basics of code with thanks to Neopets, with no idea that it could lead to a career. My ginger tabby kitten themed shop backgrounds probably being my most requested work at the time.
About me:

Small dog owner to two chihuahua mixes

When I’m not designing or thrifting, you’ll find me out on the trails with our two small dogs, Doodle and Binsky. And in case you’re wondering, both dogs have completed 18 mile hikes on more than one occasion (one being in the midst of summer in LA, in the middle of the day, up a mountain where we didn’t see another single person, or dog).
About me:

I once designed in front of a live audience