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Digital offerings Website, app, in-flight tv, airport monitors, kiosk
Delta is a leader in their industry, repeatedly named the most admired airline of the year. 180 million passengers fly Delta every year and each one expects the quality they find at the airport to be replicated throughout their digital products too.
at AKQA */
Delta Airlines
2015 – 2016
Flight information at your fingertips
We rebuilt the cross platform flight status experience from the ground up, introducing a new approach to digital design for Delta along the way.
Arriving on time with an updated flight status experience
We'd heard from Delta's passengers that it was hard to identify if their flight was delayed and not clear where they'd go for further information if so. We addressed all their feedback within the full redesign.


Digital offerings Website, app, in-flight tv, airport monitors, kiosk

Reimagining the Delta experience across their entire digital ecosystem.

Delta's website in 2015 was quickly becoming outdated and out of line with what their passengers expected. The site had been weighed down overtime by the addition of new features, new products and new travel requirements that were now becoming lost amongst the overly complex user flows. AKQA was tackling the site piece by piece and working closely with their internal teams to both meet new customer demand and overhaul their digital touch points. Flight status was the first project to establish a vision for the site and pave the direction for future projects to come.
Product goals //
Re-establish Delta as a modern airline at the forefront of innovation
Ease of use and transparency into both Delta and their flights were top of mind
Establish both UX and UI principles to be used across all products.


Delta was my first transition into learning what it meant to design for a digital experience end to end, versus my previous experience designing static products for print. I learnt what responsive design was and why it was important, the need for user testing, how to work with a production team and what red lines were, engaged with engineering and understood what it meant to complete QA and ensure a product met our design standards. I learnt a lot at AKQA in a short space of time and absorbed all I could from those around me, it was an opportunity to grow quickly and gain experience working with and for some of the largest brands in country that have an impact on the day to day lives of many of us.
The nature of agencies is quick, ideas are generated, presented and acted on without much questioning, though people there had a lot of passion and care for what they did. I noticed the importance of taking pride in your work and ensuring that what you release, you're satisfied with. At the end of the day I still enjoy standing in-line at the airport and watching others navigate the app, or sitting on a plane and seeing how people interact with the tvs, knowing that I once had a role in them.
& business impact //
Flight status began as a vision exercise but quickly became a reality for the company
Helped set the stage for overhauling the entire Delta.com site
Has since served the millions of passengers that fly Delta every year
Head over to the Delta website to view the flight status work ** //
Delta flight status

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